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Caster is a terrible person. He is a fictionalized version of the historical figure Gilles de Rais. Tags from him may involve a variety of triggery topics, including but not limited to: torture, murder, child abuse, gore, desecration of corpses, blasphemy, and Lovecraftian tentacle monsters, so please let me know if you would prefer not to be tagged by him. It is completely understandable, and I will have no problems with it. I would rather be aware of other players' preferences so I can avoid any offense or upset.

If you would, please answer the following questions for any characters you play:

1. Would you prefer that I not tag your character(s) at all, ever, under any circumstances, with Caster?
Simple enough. If you answer yes to this question, there's no need to answer any others. Please note what characters you play, so I can keep track more easily if you play more than one.

2. If it is all right to tag your character(s), are there particular subjects/behaviors you would like me to avoid?
I'm more than willing to tag but to make comments less objectionable. Not every thread with Caster is going to involve triggering subjects in any case, and I can leave out anything you'd like when tagging you.

3. Can Caster make inappropriate remarks to your character(s)?
If so, again, let me know if there are any subjects I should avoid. This is most likely to involve discussions of violence/death/gore, or possibly Gilles praising your characters' aesthetics, even if it is not appropriate.

4. Can Caster attack/assault/injure your character(s), possibly with an army of hideous monsters?
I will ask first in any case, but just so I know what people might be open to.

5. Caster is capable of using mind control. Would this be all right to do to your character?
Again, I'd plot it out first. (Note: I should point out that Caster is kind of a crappy magic user, so that anyone with a fair amount of magical resistance should be able to avoid being mind controlled by him. It's ordinary humans who are in the most danger.)

NOTES: If any player would like to have Gilles harm their character but would prefer not to thread it out, let me know, and we can work something out. I'm more than willing to handwave anything.

Also, the subject of rape is unlikely to come up in one of my tags and will never be played out in game, but I thought I would mention it due to the nature of the character.

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